We are currently looking for ambitious and passionate hair stylists


This role is for someone with at least 3 years experience as a fully qualified Stylist and is able to grow a loyal clientele, maintain a busy column and improve performance on an ongoing basis.

Key outcomes to achieve:

  • Build, grow and maintain a busy column of loyal, high value guests.
  • Demonstrate excellent technical capability & customer service skills.
  • Show desire, dedication and passion for learning.
  • Achieve set Benchmarks in agreed time-frame

In order to qualify for this position, you will need to demonstrate the following competencies:


  • Excellent technical skill & service timings
  • Loves to learn new skills & expand knowledge
  • Intelligent/ quick learner, retains information
  • High personal standards & attention to detail
  • Creative/ Innovative, Problem solver
  • Works methodically
  • Efficient, well organised/ plans ahead
  • Computer Literate & comfortable with using software


  • Build trusting relationships with guests & colleagues
  • Enjoy a culture of teamwork & collaboration
  • Educate guests with expert advice and guidance
  • An excellent listener & superb communicator
  • Well mannered, courteous, respectful of others

Business & Marketing

  • Able to read and understand benchmarks & performance numbers
  • Understands marketing & branding
  • Well researched & industry aware

Culture & Mindset

  • Able to stay calm under pressure
  • Has resilience, patience & persistence
  • Intuitive, mindful & compassionate, cares about others
  • Is honest & trustworthy, has integrity, ethical & moral principles
  • Is self motivated & ambitious, sets goals and meets them
  • Take Responsibility, proactive, uses initiative
  • Open to new ideas, receptive to feedback/ criticism
  • Flexible & adaptable, team player
  • Emotionally mature and self confident
  • Environmentally conscious

What you can expect:

  • Pay you an above industry average, performance based salary
  • Offer a clear and structured career path & with opportunities to progress
  • Invest in your ongoing education journey
  • Be a key part of the growth of exciting new salon brand

If you feel you are right for this position then use the form below to apply, we would love to hear from you!

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