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Summer is nearly here and and the festival season is fast approaching. It’s time to dig out your wellies, get that festival chic outfit and start planning your picture-perfect hair

We have put together some tips for keeping your hair looking great, even if you’re camping!

Prepare Your Hair

When you’re camping, your hair is bound to be affected by the natural elements. Blazing sunshine, strong winds and wet weather can all take a toll.

During the week before you go, make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment to inject some moisture into your hair. This will also help to keep your hair smoother whilst you’re at the festival.

How To Style

Use the weather to your advantage. Wear your hair in a topknot or plait when it rains, so when it dries out undo your style and it will be wavy and voluminous again.

Plaits are a win win situation when it comes to festivals. Braids and plaits are simple to create and can be done without a mirror. They work very well with sunglasses and hats and bandanas.

Celebs like Katy Perry and British beauty Emma Watson have sported the look – it’s effortless yet fashionably practical.

Emma Watson Side Plait Katy Perry Side Plait

Putting your hair up in a messy bun or a top knot is also very practical and will be easy to create. Below, festival fanatic Daisy Lowe sports a messy high bun and full fringe for her look.

Daisy Lowe Fringe

If you have naturally curly hair, don’t fight it. Heighten those curls, we have various products that will enhance for your hair type.

Take a hat

This may not be treating your hair but at least you can hide the greasy roots, frizzy hair and fly-aways.

Washing your hair

It may not be practical or pleasant to wash your hair at a festival. But there are things you can do to keep it looking good.

If you have a fringe, lather some shampoo into it and use a bottle of water to rinse.  This will help make sure your hair doesn’t look greasy in all of your festival photos,

Dry shampoos were made for festivals and work by minimising the amount of oil that sits on your scalp. Your hair may still feel a bit unclean but at least it will look and smell much nicer.

Take a Tangle Teezer

Brushing your hair will help remove some of the dirt your hair may collect during the day. We recommend taking a Tangle Teezer as they are much gentler on the hair and won’t cause any damage – especially if your hair is dry and tangled.

After the festival

Another deep conditioning treatment will be required after the festival. Leave it in a bit longer so that it can really penetrate the hair.

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