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In those blustery winter months, the cold weather can wreak havoc with our hair. Wind, rain and snow can all do their damage, as can central heating

But by giving that little bit of extra attention to protecting it, you can keep it looking full of the joys of spring.

Here are our top five tips…

Wet hair and cold air don’t mix well

As kids our mothers told us time and time again not to go out in the cold with wet hair, or else we’d catch pneumonia. While that may not strictly be the case, it is very true that your hair could suffer the consequences.

Your hair is weakest when wet, and exposing it to extreme temperatures (hot and cold) will dry it out. 

Take extra care in the colder months to thoroughly dry your hair after washing and protect it with a leave-in protector.

Treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioning ritual

Hair is particularly vulnerable in winter so needs extra pampering to keep it looking its best.

An intensive conditioning treatment once a week will inject somw moisture lost through central heating and protect the hair from exposure to the elements.

Get your hair cut regularly

We all know that having a trim keeps hair in optimum condition, but never is this more important than in the winter.

Visiting your hairdresser every six to eight weeks will get rid of those split ends that could be made worse by the cold weather at this time of year.

Keep your scalp moisturised

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. It’s not just your hair that could benefit from extra moisture. A nourishing treatment can protect against a dry, itchy, flaky scalp, which is not only irritating, but can be unsightly should it result in dandruff.

In extreme cases, dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis (a skin condition causing dryness and inflammation) can even lead to weak and damaged hair.

A shampoo and conditioning ritual using Aveda Dry Remedy will gently cleanse and condition without stripping your hair and scalp of it’s natural defences.

Avoid washing your hair too often

Washing hair every day is not necessarily good for your hair, particularly in winter when it has the tendency to dry it out.

Aim to reduce washing it to two to three to four times per week. If your hair is prone to becoming greasy quite quickly, use a Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo for those in-between days.

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