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Are you thinking about ditching the straightening irons and embracing your natural curls?

We’ve had lots of our guests emerge from lockdown embracing their natural hair… and we absolutely love to see it.

Stepping away from the straightening irons to rediscover your curls is an empowered move, usually leading to better suitability, reduced damage and less time styling your hair everyday (more time for activities!)

If you’re thinking about setting your curls free, here are some tips to help you stop fighting your hair and just go with it…

Reduce the heat

This is usually the biggest stumbling block and a catch 22. Using heat to smooth/ de-frizz your hair causes dryness, making it even frizzier.

Instead, ditch the heat and opt for the correct product mix & application (just as important) to help fight the frizz, protect against humidity, add moisture & hold.

This takes time, but your patience will be rewarded in the longer term.

The right Haircut for curls

If you want to see the curls bounce back, you’ll need to release them. Layering the hair is designed to remove weight and encourage the natural movement of your hair.

This will feel counterintuitive if you’ve been trying to keep your hair straight for so long, as not layering the hair will retain weight, helping to control and straighten the hair.

Each person’s curl pattern is unique, therefore how much weight you remove or keep is completely personalised to you.

Getting your Spring back

A good haircut is a good start, but your curls may need some encouragement to sit right.

Any type of styling requires the hair to go from wet to dry, even when leaving the hair to dry naturally. Controlling the moisture level in the hair is important for the curl, keeping its elasticity and suppleness.

Like with anything, the more brittle something is, the easier it is to break. Hair is no different and the dryer it is, the less spring it will have.

Styling techniques such as taking small sections of hair twisting them into position will encourage the curl. Use a diffuser for gentle heat and tip your head upside down whilst drying for more volume.

Try not to ruffle and touch the hair too much with your hands until it’s dry.

Choosing the right Product for your hair texture

Not all curly hair is the same and products that say they are designed for curly hair may not be suitable for your hair.. There’s no one size fits all.

Some hair types will need more moisture (usually thicker hair), some will need more hold (usually finer hair). Some will need a bit of both.

Ask your stylist to analyse your hair texture and give you personalised recommendations on the right product mix for your hair and your lifestyle.

Bleach may alter your curl pattern

The overuse of chemicals such as bleach in the hair can lead to a change in the characteristic of your curl. This is usually because the hair will have less elasticity, which can potentially make those affected strands straighter.

Bleaching curly hair (or any hair) needs to be done in a gentle and controlled way, ensuring the hair retains its structure. It also requires the correct after-care to maintain its condition.

Hair doesn’t replenish until new hair grows from the root, so be gentle with it and remember that prevention of damage is always better than trying to repair it.

Shake what mother nature gave you

We believe there is richness in diversity and celebrate the individuality of every member of our Tribe.

That’s why we are so excited to see people embrace their curls as we know it can be life-changing. If it’s something you’re thinking about then please don’t hesitate to ask your stylist for some advice, we would be so pleased to help!

As with any kind of change there is always an investment of time to learn and practise something new, however if you’re ready for a change, the benefits of less damage, more shine and more time may be well worth it.

Images & Hair by @AmyClarkHair

Is it time to embrace your curls

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