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Making the decision to take the plunge and go for a new hair style is not easy. You can change your outfit every day, adapting your style to fit in with your mood but your hair cut is not quite so simple to change.

While you can style it in different ways, once you’ve gone for the chop, you can’t stick hair back on.

But updating your style is exciting, offering your hair a new lease of life. So if you’re tempted to go for something new, how do you know you are making the right decision? If you can identify with any of the below, it may be time to bite the bullet.

You find it hard to style and manage

Your hair has become unruly, and no matter what you do, no amount of product or styling will tame it your tresses. You get no enjoyment from doing your hair and it’s becoming more and more of a hopeless chore. What it needs is a restyle to get it back under control.

You wear your hair up all the time

If you’re more likely to stick your hair up in a bun of a day than not, it may be you’ve fallen out of love with your actual style. Whether you put it up for quickness, comfort or practicality, if you rarely wear your hair down, maybe you should consider a style you can do more with.

Your hair lacks shine and volume

Perhaps your locks are looking decidedly lacklustre. Dry and split ends are not the signs of healthy hair, and a good cut could do it the world of good, adding back bounce and condition. It’s always advisable to get your hair trimmed regularly to keep it looking its best, but if it’s gone beyond a quick neatening up, a restyle may be just what the doctor ordered.

Your lifestyle has changed

Our lives are constantly evolving, and while one style may have worked for you a few years back, it may not fit in with your daily routine now. If, for instance, you no longer have the time (or inclination!) to spend ages taming long locks each and every morning, maybe a shorter style would be your best bet now?

You keep seeing a hair style you like

If you’ve had your eye on a particular look for quite some time now, now might be the time to finally go for it. Fashion should be fun and sometimes that means jumping in with both feet and doing it rather than just thinking about it.

If you’re thinking about what style to go for next, look at as many hair magazines as you can for inspiration, or speak to your hairdresser. Together we can find your perfect new look.

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