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Guidance from 19th July

On Monday 19th July most legal restrictions will be lifted in England with the government leaving it up to businesses to set their own rules on social distancing and mask wearing.

Whilst we are excited about the prospect of getting back to normality, we are also aware of the continued risk of providing close contact services in an indoor setting.

After a lot of thought and consideration we have decided that, for now, we will continue with the measures that we’ve put in place to reduce the spread of infection and enhance the safety of our team and guests.

We also have to limit the risk of having to close our salons due to our team having to self isolate, which would be a massive set back in our recovery as a business.

Mask Wearing

Our team will still be wearing masks for the time being and we ask all guests (unless exempt) to continue to wear masks whilst in our salons.

We understand that people have different opinions about mask wearing and the last thing we want to do is deny anyone of their freedoms.

However we hope you can understand the difficulty in trying to strike the right balance when weighing up all the risk factors and ask for your support and cooperation at this time.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or email us at [email protected]

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