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Whether or not you keep up with the latest hair trends, you’ll want to make sure your style is both modern and suits you

If you’ve absolutely no idea of what’s in fashion, or how to style what you’ve got, never fear – we’ve put together our rundown to help you make sure you never step out the house without your hair looking its very best.

The Basics

Whether you choose a longer or shorter style, it’s important to invest in a quality hair cut.

Just because you wear your hair longer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain it. Getting your stylist to simply tidy up your hair, sideburns, neckline can make a big difference in your overall appearance.

If you wear you hair very short, it doesn’t mean that you should make do with a cheap clipper cut from the local barbers every week.

An experienced, skilled hairdresser will make sure your hair is cut in a way that is easy to style and stays looking good for longer.

Types of styles

The undercut

This style is clean cut and cool. It suits just about anyone and everyone, and works with almost every hair type. It’s versatile too – whether you choose to wear it slicked back, tied up or messy on top, you’ll have a look that’s suitable for every occasion.


Another variation on a slicked type hairstyle is to wear it with a deep side parting. You can choose to keep it slick and neat or work in hair product to add texture and volume.


Long hair is a popular choice for those who are patient enough to grow their hair. Usually you will need to remove the weight and keep the length to ensure the hair still be controlled.


Don’t forget to pay attention to your sideburns when updating your hair cut – they can really make or break a style. They should be in-keeping with your cut, not too short or too long.

Next time your in the salon, ask your stylist the best way to maintain them between visits.

Going thin on top

Losing your hair can be a nightmare for most men but it’s actually more common than you think.

If you’re starting to notice a receding hairline or thinner patches of hair, you’re not alone, around 50% of men experience some form of hair-loss, but some cases are more severe than others.

In our opinion there is no point in trying to hide or cover up thinning hair, it’s best to embrace it and find a style that suits you.


Haircare for men has come a long way, and no longer do you need to whack on the gel for great hold – the laden with grease look is not what we’re going for these days.

On the market are some fantastic products offering exceptional hold without the oil slick. Try Aveda’s Pure-formance Grooming Clay. It works brilliantly on short to medium-length styles, letting you mould and shape your hair however you so wish.

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