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Strong hold without the stickiness – it’s something we’ve spent a lifetime searching for but, alas, it still seems to be nothing more than a myth…until now

Finally there is a product out there that lives up to its promise to keep your style in place all day, without leaving hair feeling sticky, crunchy or gunky.

For so long now, hair products designed to hold your style have invariably meant one of two things – either they are so thick that they leave a heavy residue in your hair and a shiny, slimy finish, or they are just too weak to do anything vaguely like the job in question. Finding a product that simply does its job seems to be the Holy Grail we are all still desperately seeking.

Aveda’s Pure-formance Grooming Clay is definitely different. This product will add strong hold without the shine and, due to its lightweight microfibres, won’t weigh down your hair, overloading it with product. Say hello to a good hair day, every day.

Aveda Grooming Clay

The clay allows you to mould and shape your style however you so wish, whether that be with a brush or just simply using your fingers. A little goes a long way, so only a small amount is needed to make your hair more pliable and add lasting control.

Its texture is perfect for adding noticeable thickness, giving you a fuller and healthier looking head of hair. You’ll get that matt look that’s so modern right now, rather than you feeling like a slave to the wet look just because you want to keep your style in place.

And of course, as this is another of Aveda’s wonderful range of botanical products, it means that it is manufactured through an environmentally process and made up of natural ingredients. Like any of the company’s other fantastic products, it may be low on chemicals, but that certainly doesn’t mean it being low on performance.

Hair smells wonderfully fresh all day long, with the rich and spicy but not overpowering scent of kunzea, combined with the uplifting aroma of citrus and certified organic essential oils of spearmint, lavender and vetiver.

Apply the to damp or dry hair, working it through evenly to create your style.

To achieve best results, make Pure-formance Grooming Clay part of your daily haircare routine along with accompanying products in the range, Pure-formance Shampoo and Conditioner.

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