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Limp, lifeless, flat…are these the words that spring to mind when you look at your hair in the mirror?

Unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with voluminous tresses, the full, lustrous type of hair that is so desirable. And unless we have hundreds of pounds at our disposal to shell out for volumising extensions, our best bet is to try any of the numerous products on the market, all claiming to add bounce and thickness.

The trouble is that, despite all the hype on the bottle, most of these formulas fall short of their promises. In many cases, they have the adverse effect, weighing heavily on our hair and making it drop even more.

Fortunately there is an answer.

Aveda’s Pure Abundance™ System is an innovative hair care range that adds lift without the usual weight, stickiness or residue. Formulated entirely from natural botanical ingredients, this collection is ultra-light, while packing a mighty punch. The system consists of a number of products, best used together for maximum impact.

Pure Abundance™ Shampoo

Start your new thickening regime with this shampoo, which will add root lift and body to your locks. Certified organic acacia gum gives fine hair a natural boost. It also smells wonderful, with a jasmine, peppermint, palmarosa and ylang ylang aroma.

Pure Abundance™ Clay Conditioner

Those with fine hair often give conditioner a wide berth, believing it will only serve to weigh hair down even more. The truth is that your hair needs conditioning to keep it healthy and looking its best. This conditioner uses lightweight kaolin clay, helping to fill out hair and give it powerful surge of volume.

Pure Abundance™ Style Prep

This is your go-to product for all-day volume – the natural way. Natural corn-derived polymer gives a lasting boost and a combination of passion fruit, rice bran, acai oil, organic aloe and acacia gum grabs hold of individual strands to add thickness. Use as part of your styling after washing or spritz to revive hair on those in-between days.

Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion

As if by magic, this light powder transforms in your hands into a liquid, adding texture and that oh-so on trend matte look. Perfect for second day hair, it can increase volume by up to 17%.

Pure Abundance™ Volumising Hair Spray

For volume that really goes the distance, this hair spray is your new BFF. It sets any style, drying quickly and lasts all day, creating texture and body.

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