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If you’ve visited Tribe lately, you may have noticed a small change we’ve made in our salons.

As our business grows we are very conscious of the environmental impact we have. That’s why we’re finding ways of making our business more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Part of this has been to make the switch to disposable towels.

Here’s why disposable towels are more eco-friendly than cotton towels..

  • 100% Hygienic – Benefit from a brand new towel on every visit.
  • Save Energy – Huge reduction in electrical energy usage from constantly washing & drying towels.
  • Save Water – Less water usage and contamination from washing towels.
  • Save Time – Our team will spend less time doing laundry and more time concentrating on ensuring your have an amazing salon experience.
  • Reduce General Waste – Once finished with they can be disposed of with any other organic/ biodegradable waste our salon produces to be composted.

For this we’ve decided to partner with Scrummi towels, who are a local company based in in West Malling, Kent.

Here’s why we have chosen to partner with Scrummi..

  • Scummi towels 100% vegan and start life as natural wood fibres from eucalyptus or cedar trees in central Europe.
  • They are harvested from Sustainable Forestry programmes, where for every one tree that is harvested 3 trees are planted in it’s place.
  • The yearly volume of wood regrowth is by 10 million cubic metres higher than the wood quantities harvested per year.
  • They contain no hidden plastics and will biodegrade to compost in 100 days.
  • The energy used in the entire lifecycle of our disposable towels including its manufacture is less than the energy used by a washing machine to clean one single cotton hairdressing towel.
  • All the water used in the process is filtered and recycled and all of our plants are monitored with strict corporate and social responsibility guides in place.
  • 95% of Scrummi’s total shipping distance is done by rail and sea, which has the lowest environmental impact of any mode of transport.

Let us know what you think using the comments section below.

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