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Do Aveda products contain parabens?

Aveda are guided by a fundamental philosophy where health and safety are their first priority. Delivering a microbiologically safe product to our network is one of our most important commitments.

Aveda’s mission and principles, on which the company was founded, have always steered us toward preferring pure flower and plant essences to petrochemicals. Because the Company constantly targets and tracks expanded use of plant-derived content in its formulas, Aveda actively researched plant-based alternatives to parabens and no longer manufacture any products formulated with parabens.

Do Aveda products contain sulfates?

We do not use SLS or SLES in our shampoos. However, we do use ammonium lauryl sulphate derived from coconut and coco-babassu sulphate derived from coconut and babassu (utilising Aveda’s exclusive Babassu technology).

Both of these are foaming ingredients used for cleansing, but the Aveda difference is that we always use babassu or coconut as the source for these foaming ingredients where some other companies will use petroleum or animal by-products.

Although these ingredients have the same name on the label regardless of its derivation, in Aveda products you know they have a plant origin.

As part of meeting the preferences of all our consumers, as well as achieving certain specific product benefits, Aveda has offered sulphate-free shampoos since 1996 and currently offers 5 shampoos formulated without sulphates:

  • Scalp Benefits™ Balancing Shampoo
  • Damage Remedy™ Restructuring Shampoo,
  • Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Shampoo,
  • Men Pure-Formance™ Shampoo
  • Invati™ Exfoliating Shampoo.

Aveda shampoos are carefully formulated to provide specific product performance benefits, which may require the foaming characteristics provided by plant-derived sulfates, and all Aveda shampoos thoroughly evaluated to deliver desired outcomes in protecting color, treating dry hair, adding shine or other attributes for the particular shampoo.

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  • Kishanie Jayaweera says:

    I have had a kertine treatment done on my hair, l was ask by my hairdresser to use sulphate free shampoo,l have purchased Aveda botanical repair shampoo and also botanical repair conditioner.Is this ok for me to use? As the salesperson person told me it is sulphate free, how ever when l looked at ingredients it say it has sulfoacetate is this ingredient ok to use on kertine treated hair?

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