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It’s an age-old issue riddle – those of us with straight hair spend hours with the curling tongs in the hope of achieving luxurious waves, while those with curly locks desperately try to get their unruly manes under control

Of course, for the curly heads amongst us, a solution can be far harder to find, with many deeming their spirals the bane of their lives.

But there are ways to get your curly bonce under control. If you are looking to make the most of your natural curls, there is a solution.


You know the situation. You’ve washed your hair and now trying to get a comb through your curls is proving nigh on impossible.

Before you get into a full on fight with your tresses or start hunting down the scissors to cut out the comb that you now have lodged amidst your curls, apply some of Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control to towel-dried hair.

This lightweight detangling spray smells divine and will get to grips with knots quickly and easily, letting your comb or brush glide through effortlessly.

Fight that frizz

You spend ages styling your hair, only to step outside in the heat and have the humidity instantly play havoc, causing your beautiful, smooth locks transforms into a frizzy mess.

The answer is in the preparation. Be Curly Style-Prep by Aveda will tame your tresses, defining your natural curls and adding a protective barrier against the elements to ward off the frizz.

Just apply the product evenly throughout the hair, twist the hair parts where it is the most unruly and then try not to touch it anymore to minimise frizz.

Say goodbye to crunchy curls

Defined, separated curls usually means you spraying gallons of heavy product that results in a crunchy mess. You long for soft hair you can run your fingers through without having to rush and wash off a sticky residue.

Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray by Aveda adds shine and smoothness without the stickiness, meaning every day can be a good hair day. Curls are full and bouncy.

Avoid dry hair

Curly haired beauties spend longer than most of us on their manes, using more products and styling appliances. It’s no wonder that with all that heat and gunk, they suffer from dry, over-processed locks. Aveda’s Be Curly Conditioner is designed with these problems in mind.

Developed using natural ingredients, this conditioner will keep your hair in optimum condition, protecting it against all the stresses it has to endure. It will keep frizz to an absolute minimum while ensuring your hair is healthy and full of life.

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