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We’ve expanded our refreshments menu with TeaPigs

Fancy a cuppa?

We’ve been a fan of these teas for a while and we’re delighted to introduce TeaPigs to Tribe. You can choose from a selection of 8 amazing tasting herbal teas.. all complimentary with your hair service.

Every day brew

A blend of Assam, Ceylon and Rwandan tea

Darjeeling Earl Grey

A beautiful light and floral earl grey

Mao feng Green Tea

The ultimate green tea

Chamomile flowers

Whole flowers for a delicious sweet, soothing favour.

Peppermint leaves

Whole leaf peppermint for a mintier, fresher taste

Super fruit

A hibiscus tea which delivers a punchy, fruity taste.

Lemon & ginger

A natural gingery, lemon brew, great for colds!

Rooibos and honey bush

Redbush tea from the Cedabergh region of South Africa.

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